Australia's first medical vaporisation devices included on the ARTG.

STORZ & BICKEL is a leading manufacturer of vaporisers at medical device quality standards.

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STORZ & BICKEL is exceptional in its field: the company is the world ‘s first and to date only manufacturer of medical Cannabinoid Vaporisers.

For the administration of cannabinoids there are different administration methods, which depend on the nature of the cannabis preparation. One of the forms of administration is via inhalation. While most people would associate inhalation with smoking. Smoking is not a medically accepted administration method as this method potentially produces more toxins and harmful by-products when the cannabis preparation is burned, also known as combustion. Combustion involves heating the cannabis to several hundred degrees and this destroys much of the active ingredients before it can be inhaled. Vaporisation using a medically registered device is the only medically recommended administration method of inhalation, as it moderates the temperature to which the cannabis is heated. Cannabinoids will boil off and vaporise at around 160-180C. During the vaporisation process, the maximum temperature reached is significantly lower than those reached during smoking, hence combustion by-products are minimised, and a smoke-free aerosol of cannabinoids and terpenes is created instead.

STORZ & BICKEL medical Cannabinoid Vaporisers are also known under the brand Vapormed. The Vapormed brand focuses on medical cannabinoid vaporisers, whereas the Storz & Bickel classic range focuses on herbal vaporisers only. One of the differences between herbal vaporisers and medical cannabinoid vaporisers  is that only the medical cannabinoid vaporisers have been certified for medical use as well as the Vapormed medical cannabinoid vaporisers are the only vaporiser devices in Australia to be included on the ARTG.

The two medical cannabinoid vaporisers available in Australia are the Volcano Medic 2 and Mighty Medic. The Volcano Medic 2 and Mighty Medic offer scientifically validated procedures for the inhalation of cannabinoids.  The Mighty Medic is portable yet highly efficient. The battery powered Mighty Medic vaporiser devices uses a patented combination of full hot air convection heating and additional conduction, which ensures an efficient vaporisation process.  The Mighty Medic also contains two powerful lithium ion batteries for long battery life. Once discharged, the Mighty can also be used plugged in or can be left to recharge. The Volcano Medic is a desktop vaporiser, with dual inhalation options. Inhalation can be done through either the tube kit or the medic valve balloon. The Volcano Medic is equipped with integrated touch buttons and digital display. This Desktop Vaporiser can be used at home, in hospital settings and in medical practices (if permitted by establishments).