Spectrum Therapeutics extends the following Limited Warranty to the original retail purchaser of either the Might Medic or Volcano Medic (the "Vaporiser").

When used as directed, your Vaporiser is warranted against defects in manufacture and workmanship that appear within three (3) years for the Volcano Medic and two (2) years for the Mighty Medic of the date of your purchase and that prevent it from functioning as intended. Spectrum Therapeutics will replace such defective Vaporiser at no cost to you. Replacements may be with new or refurbished parts, in Spectrum Therapeutics sole discretion.

Your devices serial number is automatically registered for warranty purposes upon purchase of the device, no further action is required by you for future warranty claims.

Please note that vapormed.com.au only sells the Storz and Bickel MEDIC vaporisers. Storz and Bickel also distribute their Non MEDIC vaporisers in Australia and New Zealand, but the supply & sales of these devices is handled via other parties. Any warranty related issues with the devices should be directed to your original place of purchase.

For clarification on the type of device you own, please see the table below.

Medical (MEDIC) Vaporisers

 Volcano Medic 2
Mighty Medic


Non Medical Vaporisers

 Volcano Hybrid
Volcano Classic



If you are still unsure, check the product label on your device, it will specifically state MEDIC if the device is medical device.


Please contact us to register any warranty claims. Providing the following information in an email, will greatly assist us to process any warranty claims.

  1. Device Serial Number
  2. Name of Purchaser
  3. Date of Purchase (if known)
  4. A picture or video showing the issue with the device
  5. An explanation of the issue with as much detail as possible.

If the issue is confirmed as a warranty issue, we will ship you a replacement unit or parts free of charge. We do require the faulty unit or broken parts to be returned to us for quality management purposes. We will provide a return shipping label so you can ship the faulty unit or parts back to us at no cost to you. For the replacement of complete vaporisers, we will contact you and put an authorisation on a credit card. If the faulty vaporisers is returned to us in 14 days, the Authorisation will be voided, otherwise you will be charged for the cost of the replacement vaporiser.