• verb (used with an object) to cause to change into vapour. 

Vaporising cannabinoids

The active ingredients in medicinal cannabis are called cannabinoids. Cannabinoids vaporise at temperatures over 180°C, forming fine aerosols (0.64 micrometers) that can be inhaled. These are absorbed in the lungs and enter the bloodstream.

Why vaporisation?

  • rapid onset: when cannabinoids are inhaled, the onset of the effect takes approx. 1-2 min, the effects lasting 2-4 hours
  • acute conditions: in many patients with acute ailments, this type of administration offers a great advantage over the oral administration
  • dose finding: it is also easier for patients to find the right dosage because of the quick onset of effect. If no effect is felt after the first minutes, further inhalations can be taken until the effect is achieved
  • controlled temperature: combustion of active ingredients is avoided, hence combustion by-products are minimised, and smoke-free aerosols are inhaled instead.